Laser Dentistry

Sapphire Diode Laser

Now you can receive the many benefits of laser dentistry. These include the following:

  1. 1
    Laser bacterial reduction during your routine cleanings:  we can now virtually "Obliterate" all the bacteria under your gum tissue painlessly during your next cleaning visit with the diode laser
  2. 2
    De-sensitizing a sensitive tooth
  3. 3
    Treating gum abscesses
  4. 4
    Treating Herpes lesions around the lips and mouth to significantly reduce the pain and unsightly swelling that you have become accustomed to and lessen the duration of the lesion if treated early enough
  5. 5
    Re contouring gum tissue for esthetics
  6. 6
    Removing the Frenum attachment when you are "tongue tied" or have a very prominent one above the upper front teeth